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the big game is here, and the stocks are ready to battle, and in a position to see who will pop in 2013. we have "mad money" coming up next. time now for the "buck stops here" and the final word from the fx market. todd? >> well, the aussie break, and i will hold for it the rest of my life -- no, i am kidding. i will sell it at 110. >> andy? >> good one, todd. i like the accent. >> it was horrible. >> if you have momentum, go with it, and close your eyes and leave 100-point stop. >> i like the euro dollar, but it will cap at 35, so if you want to get a move there, go ahead. >> rebecca? >> stay with the momentum as well, with but as we get closer to the debt ceiling and the sequestration and everything else that washington brings,
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start to book some profit. >> that is going to do it for us here at5:30 p.m. "mad money" is up next. >> i'm jim cramer, welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. stearns are going to go out of business, and he's nuts, they are nuts, they know nothing. i always like to say there is a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money" to cramerica. other people want to make friends. my job isn't on just to entertain, but to teach and educate. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. after a ho-hum session, s & p finishing flat, nasdaq advancing, we're about to head into the one four most exciting, but least lucrative weeks of the year. thanks to the coming jumble of earnings. the reports are coming. you know the rules.
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and let's just try to learn. as i told you not that long ago. not impossible to make money until after we've seen earnings. i did five years worth of work on these weeks. i spent the last -- last three weeks ago, i went through every single earnings week and we are just as right as we are wrong. and we have a real parade, stop flipping coins and start listening. here is your game plan. first monday, we play real close attention, to ppg reports. and you have heard michelle bunch on the show numerous times. as i said last night, good news for ppg and cpg. i keep hoping it will come down. and it's a hunch beneficiary of worldwide growth and one of the $run chemical companies on earth. and huge beneficiary of the natural gas price. i'm all about this. using weakness to buy stocks that i think are part of a
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longer term tidal wave going higher. one of the best home builders in the land, lenard, performs tuesday morning. it's prone to selling off when it reports, as is the whole group. they trade together this might be your chance. i want you to be ready. and toll is my favorite, but n lennard is good. doing the due diligence, might leap at the opportunity to scoop up sem lenn ansome lennar. on wednesday, we hear from jpmorgan. and pulte in our stock super bowl. you know what i think? it's nonsense that we focus on these only. i plow to all of the banks and wells and bank of america, i
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find out how well they themselves are doing. if you want to read on the global economy, go to jpmorgan's conference call. a read on the state of the borrower, state of the consumer, the conference calls are actually entertaining from jpmorganful i think jamie dimon will be excited to show the world how it has put the whale behind them. don't buy these, it's too hard, pe especially after wells fargo dropped. ebay, wednesday after the close. longest time i have stood behind ebay. after a huge runup, you know what? it kept going higher, this stock got hammered last time it reported. market failed to recognize the inherent value of paypal. and you buy the same thing if it happens again.
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kinder morgan energy partners, kmw. the mass limited partnership finished 2012 terribly. in part because people worried the tax breaks would be erased by the burgeoning fiscal cliff. buyers remain under a cloud. declining oil prices and the debt ceiling negotiations and new revenue raised by taxing them. you know what? that's the same old, same old. i don't care. like kinder morgan. looking for an entry point. yield above 6%, and currently 5.77%. you know what? if it happens, before they report, i would pounce. bank of america reports on thursday morning. okay. could this be the breakout quarter for bac, b-a-c-. the funny thing about the market. when everyone expects something good, you tend not to go it. the stock super bowl momentarily. this is a long-term positive story that needs to be button weakness, it bothers me that the
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stock caught two -- not one, but two downgrades in the past week. as you will hear later, short term, some concern. that's just short term, though. citigroup, the first conference call from the new ceo. i will be listening to hear the strategy going forward. the last quarter was terrific, but the ceo got fired immediately after it in a weird and wild tenure. i think the story has calmed down. after the close, we'll get results from capital one. i bet we get one of the best quarters from one of the financials. and i like this stock. then there is intel. what can intel do about the fact that the personal computer sales finished down 6%, a staggering decline? do nothing. new ceo beckons and maybe something missing. i don't think so, though. more to life than a good yielding slow growing company.
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and i prefer broadcom. and a huge friday. everybody will really tired. not me. i about tired up. i will get up at 2:30, use the cnbc alarm clock. bar set low by management and it aisle ails me last month. i think it's terrific news for shareholders it gives the company a chance to beat. i think ge could be a standout next week. my charitable trust, big position, general electric. johnson controls comes in on friday, and last time this company spoke, they delivered sharply better than expected numbers, you know what? i still think the company should break itself up to bring up immediate value. that stock would go up 10 first if they would announce that on friday. schlumbe,slb for you home gamers. what can i say about slob? that's what people call slb. expectations are for nothing good to happen. what happens if they talk about
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the long term? resources scarce and oil prices currently high. i think the stock goes up which is why any charitable trust owns it. i don't expect a big pop. i don't know if it's possible. short term there is problems and it's the best feed. and ironically, it's now above the price it stood before preannounced bad earnings. that rarely happens. that's because schlumberger is an impeccable franchise. here is the bottom line. only remember one thing from the show, don't forget, next week almost an possible week to make money because of the cacophny of trading. just listen and do some learning. let's go to chuck in pennsylvania. >> caller: booyah, jim this is chuck in pittsburgh steeler country are hoil country. holy cow. go ahead. >> caller: i think you are great. my wife thinks i spend more time with you than i do her. i would like to us make some money. >> you should spend a little
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more time with her, maybe. >> caller: what's that? >> spend a little more time with her. >> caller: you're right. i bought into into ascena, asna. it was supposed to be a good deal. but the company had to adjust fourth quarter down 20 cents. the stock plunged yesterday. is this just a hiccup, buy, or bail? >> we had david jaffe on recently and said they had some appear arle issues, didn't have the right stuff in the stores, this was very bad. i have to tell you, chuck, 16 i don't want to sell. stock was at 23. this was very disappointing, and i don't blame you for being chagr chagrinned, i was. i want to hear how he can turn the business around. they missed, but almost every line and it was extremely disappointmenting.
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i share your anxiety about asna. marge in florida, marge. >> caller: booyah, president cramer. i have heard you talking about china. and i would like to talk about how china's imports of coal have gone up huge, say over 29% and i would like to know what you think that impact could have on our u.s. company like cloud peek energy, wyoming/montana coal mine? how could they increase their exports? >> you did pick a good one. btu most levered to china, peabody. but if you believe the thesis, buy joy, not like the detergent. the old joy global, joy now in the new york stock exchange. 68, up 10 straight points. if it pulls in at all, i would be a buyer. hear that? that's the noise of earnings, not an opportunity. next week, don't trade, just listen and learn. "mad money" will be right back.
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>> coming up, milking the mall? cramer is eyeing a $5 spec surfing higher, surging over 100% in the past six months is it time to get your hands on this looker behind high tide, or could it be pulled down by the undercurrent? stick around to find out. and later, game of the year. the big game has arrived. tonight, cramer's top dow and s & p stocks from 2012 are set to fight it out for the top spots. the house that pulte built versus bank of america. you voted @jimcramer, and it's time for him to decide. stick around to find out which one could be your winning team in 2013. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question?
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here on "mad money," i'm always telling you it's okay to speculate. put some money in high risk/high reward situations. down and out stocks that the market doesn't appreciate. i talked about the money that you could have made betting single digit stocks like sprint, clear wire, nokia, supervalu. they were all written off at one point or another, including me. justed to, lowly dog best buy rose $2 or 16.38% and research in motion up huge, another dog left for dead. i don't want all of these moves to give you a sense of speculation that is somehow
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easy. lots of single digit stocks can be dangerous. not enough to speculate. you have to speculate wisely. smart speculation it means being careful. considering the perspective of both the bulls and the bears. and you don't do any buying unless have you a high level of confidence that the bulls are going to come out on -- that the bulls are right. take quick silver, zqk, a $5 and change stock that's an outdoor sports life-style play. you know, you see me around the hood wearing this. or is this a hood? anyway, right now we've got an honest to goodness analyst shoot-out in this little piece of speculation. last week, goldman sachs came out and upgraded quick silver from neutral to buy, but then this morning, the anales of piper jaafri, that guy hit quick silver with a downgrade from buy to neutral. we have a terrific chance to
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look at both sides of the story, figure out who is right. that is smart for speculation. quite frankly, it's a joni mitchell moment. we will look at quick silver from both sides now. first a little background. quick silver is three names brands, quick silver, ro x i, and dc, and that mostly appeals to surfers and skaters or people that want to look like surfers, skateboard riders or have tattoos like young people are doing, it's cool. during the 1990s, and the first day of the 2000s, quick silver was a red hot growth, one of the smoke shows, on fire. but for years, the company has been stagnant. and came close to going bankrupt. it's come back from the brink. quick silver has had a lot of trouble getting investors to appreciate bronds. customers. i mean, honestly, what is not
6:18 pm
like? so why does goldman think that quick silver is now a buy? main catalyst, last thursday, quick silver announced they were hiring a new ceo that starts work today. why do bald guys think that does anything when they do that. and he spent the most last decade returning the disney consumer products division. took from a loss to a profit. he was head of marketing at nike, during the just do it campaign. he thinks he is the right guy to execute a turn around. he could be right. think about that. and the recent history of retailers, and brought in the history from the outside. and on average, stocks up 40% on the next 12 months. i don't find that argument persuasi
6:19 pm
persuasive, and one outperformer on the list, chiko's, the year after they brought in the great dave dyer, we like him, we talked about that before. you can't lump retailers together like this. maybe quick silver will be like chiko's, dyer came in quietly. or maybe it will be more like, oh, boy, jcpenney. [ boo ] >> the stock has been hammered mercile mercilessly. turn arounds take time and frankly, it's too soon to judge. goldman likes that quick silver has been cutting sales, general and administrative costs aggressively, down 275 basis points and think they can continue for years, leading to greater profitable, and on the other hands, quick silver's gross margin, making up for the cost of sales, took a major
6:20 pm
point. down 600 basis points. and a need for clearance sales and discounting on the retail side, and the company has cleared out the excess inventory, important going forward. and the recent history, full of false starts. i need to see the gross margin get better before i believe it. goldman thinks that quick silver's three brands are underappreciated by wall street. that might well be true. but it's hard to cut costs and also turn around your company's image tiat the same time. again, witness jcpenney. i'm partially hopeful by the new ceo, but then piper jaffray comes out with a downgrade. this was very thought throw. we don't have holiday data from quick silver. but the national national retailers in the same category, have given us updates and
6:21 pm
numbers don't somewhere. and same-sale stores up 1%. tilly's down 1% decline. zumy's, down 2%. these are the companies that sell quick silver's merchandise. and they are telling us that the category is having a real hard time. that makes sense. and piper points out quick silver, an inconsistent history of beats and misses since the recovery. and the company disappointed big time. stock got slammed, fell 13% in the single day. quick silver had a major run. selling less than $4. after the lousy quarter, dropped to $3.54. now $5.58. 33% gain in under a month. a huge move, given we don't know yet about whether there is a confirmation of the turn. and quick silver, worst balance sheets in the industry. and gets 30% from europe.
6:22 pm
not a great place to be. i mean i would visit it. after i read that, continuing the logic of the stock that is joni mitchell, life's illusions i recall and that goldman doesn't know quick silver at all. where do i come down now? i believe if anyone can pull off a turn around, new ceo andy mooney is the guy. it will take a time to put a stamp on the company and the huge run on the stock it would not be smart speculation to buy this one here, even though to i wanted to recommend the spec on friday. i would ring the register, given it's only a few cents off the 52-week high. bottom line, when are you speculating, timing is everything. goldman sachs might be right that the new ceo can turn around. the stock has run up huge and the action sports apparelle industry is a bad place to be right now. stay the heck away until quick silver pulls back or gives us
6:23 pm
real evidence of comeback. right now, a terrific want to be spec name that's been specced already and needs to recharge by going under $5. where it might just be a different, much better story. after the break, i'll try to make you more money. coming up, game of the year. the big game has arrived. tonight, cramer's top dough and s & p stocks from 2012 are said to fight it out for the top spot. the house that pulte built versus bank of america. you voted @jimcramer on twitter, and now it's time for him to decide. stick around to find out, which one could be your winning team in 2013.
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welcome to the annual "mad money" stock super bowl. at the beginning of every year, we look back at the previous year's best performers and have our playoffs, take the two top ranked stocks and pitting them against each other to see which is the best in the new year. 2012 season, bank of america faced off against home depot and bac went to the finals. if in the s & p division, pulte came out. now it's time for the main event. the stock super bowl. where bank of america up 109%
6:27 pm
last year, squares off against pulte, up 188%. that's got to be the favorite, right? the bank versus the home builder. i asked you the viewer to chime in against the outco outcomoutcome outcome @jimcramer. we are pooling your votes. believe it or not, bank of america is heavily favored. 75% of you picked bank of america, despite the fact that it lost people ba jillons of dollars over the years. if the viewer is right, it's a close call. i would go to twitter underdog pulte. the reason? pulte and bank of america took the honors, part of strong secular, groups that will do quite well in 2013, company sector accounts for 20%. sometimes higher in banks. this is a very important part of the allocatio
6:28 pm
the calculation. banking versus housing. i like both areas. banks have not suddenly become fabulous businesses. struggling with superlow interest rates, and a lack of loan growth. however, a ton of improvement here. and that is why bank of america, more than doubled last year and i think it will have a good 2013. ever since the recession, banks held back by a host of worries. the year where the years are a thing of the past. litigation over the mortgage putback issue and fanny mae, some outstanding legal issues, dodd/frank, and something that will finally get certainty or clarity on over the next nine months and the last three major provisions are clarified. with those worries behind them, the banks can focus on the fact that we're an improving economy with slow but steady job growth but a resurgent housing market. i think the ceo has been on record saying we're about to turn on the loan growth jets and we'll get the results of the
6:29 pm
latest round of stress tests for bank of america to return capital shareholders, via buybacks and dividend groups. what group is improving faster is the home builders. as i told you yesterday, still in the very early stages of what will be a multihousing rebound. we have cleared out the surplus of foreclosed homes. rents high, mortgage rates so low, owning a home is incredibly affordable versus renting and a ton of household information, people want to buy houses, stayed living with their inlaws and that trend continues. all terrific for major home builder like pulte nationwide. this is why it has the edge when it comes to sector. what's happening in individual companies. both pulte and bank of america are focused on cost cutting, but pulte a lot more upside when it comes to revenue growth. bank of america is aggressive about trimming the fat and they
6:30 pm
generate $8 billion by 2015. isn't that unbelievable. i believe in the leadership now. i was very -- let's say i was skeptical about brian moynahan, but there are a lot of good things happen. in 201 2s 2012, healthy increas margins and it should continue in 2013, thanks to cost cuts. there is a heck of a lot more demand for new homes in this country. and the growth could continue for multiple years. what about sentiment? really important, right? better than expected, worst that expected? bank of america 13 buys 24 holds, ahold s and pulte, a draw. we have caught two important downgrades of bank of america in the last week. that always makes me, let's say more guarded. now, neither of these companies best of breed player. yet you look at bank of america's value indication, 12
6:31 pm
times next year's earnings and jpmorgan, citigroup turn around, sells nine times for earnings, and pulte, 18 times earnings. jpmorgan chose pulte as a top pick precisely because of its value nation, not on next year, but outyears. and they are looking to potential earning power in 2016 and concluded 6.1 times those numbers. what you are seeing there is the power of the housing rebound in multiple years worth of action. and before i pull up the trophy, let me remind you, pulte is not my favorite home builders, high end best of breed toll brothers. and bank of america not my favorite bank. i prefer the smaller regionals and focused on key, k-e-y. expectations so high for big banks when wells fargo dlifred better than expected earning report it went down even though the cfo gave a pretty darn favorable accounting of things.
6:32 pm
and out of the top performers in the dough and s & p last year, i think pulte has the best chance of duplicating 2012 success. it's dynamic and that's what it means to win the stock market super bowl. sorry, viewers, pulte won. mostly on the strength that housing is at the beginning of a massive multiyear move. bank of america, hey, good, just not the right kind of bank for this moment. that said, i know even after all this heart break, bank of america still has a fan base, a proverbial 12th man on twitter, so i wouldn't be surprised if on every dip it garners new support and works its way higher over time. in the super bowl two winners, but pulte is the champ you want to bet on. rochelle in illinois. rochelle. >> caller: hi, jim. rochelle from chicago. love your show. >> i love loving it. i want lovie to coach the eagles. >> we love lovie too.
6:33 pm
i am bummed about him being gone. >> well, you know -- different show. >> we don't want to go into the whole cutler thing. >> caller: a big thank you to all of the people behind the scenes that make your show happen. >> and it's kay's birthday, one of our people, and it's a remarkable, remarkable place that i work at. i work with the best people in the world. they make me look good every day. >> caller: i know you couldn't do it without them. my question today is on 3-d systems versus streus. i own some 3-d systems already and i'm up in 35% in over 30 days. last year, up 312%, streus, they are up. both this week reached new highs and in december, you liked streus better. how do you feel? >> we like the acquisition. these are the 3-d printers,
6:34 pm
hottest thing in business. great article in "the washington post" about 3-d printers a week ago. thank you for the kind comments. i got to stick with my ssys judgment. but you know what? ddd is a heck of a lot better than 85% of the companies i follow. are you in good company. let's stick with illinois. mike in illinois, mike. >> caller: booyah, lord cramer from the windy city. >> good to have you. >> caller: i'm a huge fan of yours and an active young investor. the probably i have, where do you see the brazilian building company headed this year? i'm in the stock and debating whether i should buy more. what is your take? >> here is my take. i understand you absolutely want to own a brazilian play, and i don't blame you. going down to fly down to rio, we'll fly with valet, v-a-l-e, and not veil, but vale.
6:35 pm
we have crowned a new super bowl champion, it's here. best performer of 2012, and the winner? pulte homes. that's who i favor to repeat. bank of america? hey, it's going to be real good. but pulte i think will be the winner for 2013. don't move, lightning round is next. keep up with cramer all day long. follow @jimcramer at twitter and #madtweets.
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it is time. for the lightning round. and we call in, and we say buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. my staff makes this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready, skedaddy? let's start with mitch in illinois. >> caller: happy new year booyah to you jim. how are you today? >> real good, how are you, partner. >> caller: good. i want to get your opinion on vac? >> i think they could have good luck against apple. going up very quickly. why? a very key ruling in favor of
6:39 pm
vernetics. a great spec, only deep in the money calls. chase in california. chase. >> caller: hey, jim. great big boo-boo boo-boo yeah from orange county california. >> lived in my car down there, fabulous area. what's going on? >> isis pharmaceuticals. >> beginning to move up. good news, and i want to stay in for a little bit more. until we get a ruling and then maybe we'll take profits. john in illinois. >> caller: jim, first-time investor. a company i'm really happy about. i'm just worried they might be at their peak. buffalo wild wings. >> last quarter i didn't like. i love management, terrific, but last quarter, put them in the penalty box. i need to see another quarter before i recommend it. where one quarter is bad, could be another. let's go to alan in florida.
6:40 pm
alan. >> caller: yes. >> go ahead, alan. >> caller: if i didn't say thank you, thank you for taking my call. >> my pleasure. >> caller: okay. 3-d printer stocks such as prlb have more growth long term? >> we like ddd, triple d and stratus-s. those are the better plays in the area. ray in florida. >> caller: cramer. >> how are you? >> caller: sunny warm vero beach booyah to you. >> what's up. >> caller: my stock, bank of ireland. >> they are coming back and coming back quickly. and they are recommending san right now in spades, but have you a good idea. i missed -- when i went to ireland nine months ago i should
6:41 pm
have been buying everything left and right. what a great country. bob in new york. >> caller: bob, from upstate new york. >> adirondack 46er here. >> caller: i have have a question about a low risk high reward speculation. frontier. >> i wouldn't trust frontier, that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> lightning round sponsored by td ameritrade. sometimes the charts are dead simple. fizer, the ultimate bullish pattern. reverse head and shoulders. give it hair. hair right here, because that's what the really smart good
6:42 pm
looking guys. i like to use head and shoulders, dumb and stupid and funny. likes the trix, not because they are for kids, not because they are cereals. >> it's rare you get a safe, boring high building drug stock like fizer who actually has kind of smoking hot chart. not like what brent mussberger kept saying in the stands. whoa. >> caller: jim, big california booyah. a very important call. i am getting married in a week. the wedding is not cheap, the honeymoon is not cheap and that ring sure as heck was not cheap. we need to make some money here. >> why the heck are you doing it? >> caller: two major questions. >> you are getting married, i'll let you have two. but you are facing that prolonged sentence to the green mile, i'll let you have two. a big part of game stop's business, selling hard copies of
6:43 pm
new and used games. obsolete. so much time to play, i mean in between when i'm switching avatars @jimcramer. game over. come on -- ah! >> jim, are you not controlling this. >> i'm not? ah! >> avatar. a graphical representation of a person used in virtual worlds, games, or online community. like twitter. >> tweet me @jimcramer, new aafia tar. why can't we get as my avatar. we should change avatar constantly. i want this to be my avatar. coo, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early,
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fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage before they stop you.
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we brrr we answer your tweets, we have some hamm work. we had a call about seno is sher about tiny lasers used to remove hair, temporarily reduce the
6:47 pm
appearance of cellulite. there was a ton of excitement about the tattoo removal product. getting tattoos is becoming a mainstream thing, especially in the nba, and it's hard to gauge the demand for believing them. unless you get lots of breakups where you have to erase your ex's name from a part of your body or something, don't get me wrong this is the first break through in the tattoo removal in over 20 years. they tell me it hurts, i don't know. five to seven treatments according to the company. the stock doubled in 2012, and the expectations are high. wait for a pullback, and the new opportunities are inked into this stock's price. on tuesday, justin in illinois wanted to know about aceda health, symbol ah. it helps hospitals with revenue
6:48 pm
collection and other services that make hospitals easier to comply with regulations under obama care. this was a tough year for them. it was barred from being practicing if the state in two years, it's a hot space, buy a stock on pullback, but not this one. i would rather own athena health. last friday john in new jersey asked about just energy group, je. and i said i would get back to him. they sell natural gas and electricity. natural gas hovers around low levels. a big part of energy's business. so lack of demand is a concern. 12.5% yield, worry some. a serious red flag. just energy's cash, the cash flow, under pressure for higher market expenses, a dividend cut
6:49 pm
could happen. steer clear. just say no to just energy. now some tweets. let's start with a tweet from steven crawford, @smcbmt, i don't know. who says darden, dri, worthy of more homework for dividend portfolio or don't waste the time? they have to grow, they are not putting up numbers that would make me feel comfortable saying this is good dividend play. flip ncf, thanks for the tip, up 28%, you still liking the stock? a great company. and vaccines too. this company is terrific. we know when we have the ceo on, he's dine nahhia might. this tweet from been at stcil. excellent avy with you and pop. that's my dad. nothing more important than family. couldn't agree more. new avatar, me and pop, at an
6:50 pm
eagles game, another loss. my jersey, number seven, not vic, but jaws from the 1980 team. let's take another tweet from beernut 54. sweet avatar, any thoughts on groupon. should i sell or hold? i like zinga better than groupon. play with the house's money. that's how the business works. here is another tweet from draztech. what's going on with apple and china mobile deal? i'm thinking an announcement over the weekend. stock play for apple. inexpensive stock, until we don't see the quarter, probably doesn't do anything but jump up and down. it doesn't make sense. fine, they missed the last two quarters, and arguing about somebody on twitter over whether that happened. no argument, they missed. and finally, a tweet, who is more realistic, best buy adopts
6:51 pm
target, or amazon takes over best buy as a branded showroom. amazon is doing great, target is okay. but amazon is on any weakness, always -- well, it's been a fabulous buy and it could end up going to 300. "mad money" back after the break. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt.
6:52 pm
i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
6:53 pm
the big theme from 2013. i told you moments of market
6:54 pm
weakness, seek out the stocks in housing like toll brothers, or autos like ford, nice doubling of the dividend. and find an insurance stock, because your rights are going higher. own a chemical company, take advantage of the cheap natural gas speed stocks here in the u.s. i said georgia colt might be the one. china roaring back. own a chinese index stock, own a stock that helps telcos update. aerospace alive and well. play it with parts makers avoid the headline risk of a stock like boeing and i like the smaller regional banks. because they should put up better than expected numbers and including the margins and won't be as disappointing as investors thought wells fargo was today. last two themes for rainy days. a couple of catch phrases to help you remember them. the first one, the government made my do it stocks related to the cost of the new health care system that kicks in next year, and the chicks that are already
6:55 pm
being played. temporary staffing like robertman were red hot, and i think they will stay that way, and temporary staffing is a terrific way to beat the new taxes, businesses might have to pay, because of government mandates, pretty clever, huh? and community health systems should work all year, advance to 2014 changes, the new law heavily favors hospitals, and athena health, keep health care costs down, mr. bush last night, terrific. final theme, i call this one the don't just stand there, do something. and companies split themselves up to separate parts brought them a lot of value for shareholders, calvin cline house of brands, and that stock never looked back or hormel, when it picked up skippy peanut butter or panera, and they were on the show talking about deals. and sandy cutler's eden whether he purchased cooper industries.
6:56 pm
they generated huge gains for the acquirers. and highly unusual, that will continue to do so as earnings get reported. believe me, a mania when ceos said that they need to send the acquire up. remember to recall the tremendous breakups of 2012. and you remember abbott, marathon, conoco kraft. mondolese, international snack spinoff from kraft. a fast growing way to play emerging markets. these are all brought instant valuation hikes, companies that sit and wait for things to get better generally miss the best opportunities. what does mae west say? he who hesitates last. the only way for a company to get instant growth in a slow growth world is to buy another
6:57 pm
company and the only way to bring out value is to give the market the parts that it wants. these themes, banking, autos, housing, insurance, aerospace, china, energy, mobile technology, the government made me do it, and don't just stand there, do something group, and don't go hog wild while the bull roars, the bull and the bear, growls, meant to be a method to stay in the game when it gets tough. and it always does, they let you navigate shark-invested waters of washington and to buy in a dough mark down market. i believe, and i'm most confidence, they are the places to be in 2013. stick with cramer. what are you doing?
6:58 pm
nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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